A New Partnership between PLUCZENIK and EL-RAN

  • Since 1948 all diamonds from Pluczenik have been tracked back to their origin and for many years this supply chain has been independently and professionally audited. The company has always been committed to a responsible diamond sourcing policy in accordance with Annex 2 of OECD Guidance.

  • To meet the changing needs of the diamond market, Pluczenik is delighted to announce a new partnership with El-Ran who are leaders in supply chain transparency for the global watch and jewellery brands.
  • The partnership will harness the most advanced blockchain technology to monitor the flow of diamonds from mining to retail customers and so be at the forefront of driving pipeline transparency and innovation.

  • The partnership will use iTraceIT an independently owned company which has developed new technology to deliver a totally secure and encrypted blockchain based process to track diamonds of any size however small particularly to meet the exacting requirements of many leading global brands.
  • As important Sightholders of De Beers, Pluczenik are also supporters of Tracer and will be continuing to explore the most advanced technologies to meet the needs of their customers for sustainable, environmentally friendly, and transparent supply that meet all the legal and ethical standards of the industry.

  • If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.